Mickey MorningGlory 





Noah Lightfoot, Seminole/Creek – “The Scout”  Noah is gifted with a photographic memory.  When he tracks, he is the virtual “fly on the wall”  who sees and remembers every detail in a crime scene.  Noah is a clairvoyant remove viewer - one who sees things in an out-of-body trance.

Dane Lightfoot, Seminole – “The Bloodhound  Dane's heightened olfactory senses make him invaluable in determining the cause of fires – both accidental  and arson.  Dane is a clairscent - one who smells things beyond the ordinary ability to do so

Raven Looking Bird, Yavapai – “The Snapshot”  Raven is a portrait artist who sketches incredibly lifelike faces.  She also looks beyond that which is apparent to the naked eye and draws those who have passed away.  Raven is a heiro-scriptor - one who draws while in a trance, similar to an automatic writer.

Graham Skysong, Navajo – “The Echo”  Graham is a Navajo Singer and a skilled mimic who imitates any sound or voice he hears.  Graham is a clairaudient - one who hears beyond the normal ability.

Liahona Thistleseed, Mohawk – “The Compass  Lee is a clairvoyant remote viewer who tracks in poetic metaphor.  He is a master at identifying landmarks and pinpointing locations. 




Maria Ramirez, Hispanic - "The Catcher"  Maria is a dreamcatcher and an empath. She experiences the vivid dreams of others and has a keen sense of people's emotions.  She joins the team after the first two adventures.

Ojos de Luna, Creek - "The Keeper"  Luna is a blind young woman who lives in the Central American jungle. Luna "sees" the adventures of the Trackers through astral projection as she plays her flute, and she is the one who tells the stories.  Luna is also a medium - one who speaks through a mind connection with another person.

Chenaniah Thistleseed, Mohawk - "The Chanel"  Kenny is the son of Lee Thistleseed and is a medium who chanels messages from Luna.  He comes of age on his 12th birthday and joins the Team after his new powers awaken.

John Silver Eyes, Creek – “The Outlaw”  John is a tribal medicine man and has the unnatural ability to shape shift.   Although he is a skilled tracker, John Silver Eyes is an outlaw who uses his gift to track back in time for personal gain.

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John Silver Eyes


Ojos del Luna


Maria Ramirez


Chenaniah Thistleseed