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Backtrack: The Scout’s Story         

NOAH LIGHTFOOT, the youngest member of the elite psychic Trackers team, is a remote viewer with a photographic memory.  He discovers an outlaw Indian who has been using highly-developed extrasensory powers for personal gain and murder by backtracking into the past to alter the present.  Noah and the team of Native American Trackers must find the Outlaw and set time back on its natural course.  Set in rural Northwest Florida, Backtrack: The Scout's Story highlights the customs and ceremonies of the Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians. (Foreword by Dr. Andrew Boggs Ramsey, Principal Chief of The Muskogee Nation)

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Mist: The Bloodhound’s Story     

DANE LIGHTFOOT must use his psychic smelling gift as a clairscent to trace potent illegal narcotics being added to fragrances, having the deadly effect of black market ecstasy.  His track leads him to the acclaimed Sense of Smell Institute where his heightened olfactory abilities are both a help and a hindrance to his investigation.  Set against the backdrop of the New York City perfume industry, Mist: The Bloodhound's Story contrasts the laid back Seminole Indian lifestyle with the bustling big city melting pot.  (Foreword by Guy Tunnel, former FDLE Commissioner

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Kachina: The Snapshot’s Story     

RAVEN LOOKING BIRD and her husband Dane Lightfoot travel to Prescott, Arizona, to visit her mother, only to find that a special collection of Kachinas has been stolen.   Raven must use her psychic spontaneous drawing gift as a portrait clairvoyant to locate 28 ancient carved Kachina figures which have been stolen. Tawa, the Sun god, is angry, and in his wrath, the townspeople and Raven’s unborn babies are endangered. Set within the snowy backdrop of the Arizona mountains and the Prescott Valley below, Kachina: The Snapshot's Story highlights the Yavapai and Hopi Indians and the revered Hopi Kachinas. 

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Ouroboros: The Echo’s Story        

GRAHAM SKYSONG never dreamed, when he returned home upon his father's death, that a recording of his father's sacred Blessing Way song has been made and corrupted, enabling a sand painting of the Ouroboros—the snake eating its tail—to come to life and is being used as a murder weapon by a sadistic killer bent on revenge.  Graham must use his psychic hearing ability as a clairaudient to find the killer and stop the monsters he has created. Set among the hogans of the New Mexico Navajo reservation, Ouroboros: The Echo's Story delves into the symbiotic relationship between nature and the Navajo Indians

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Liahona: The Compass’s Story      

LIAHONA “LEE” THISTLESEED, the clairvoyant Trackers Team leader, unearths a centuries-old brass compass called a liahona. When the compass begins showing him more than basic cardinal directions, Lee must use his psychic remote viewing abilities to follow its course, finding a secret with religious implications that could shake the foundation of Christianity.  Set around the Smoky Mountains and northeastern United States, Liahona: The Compass's Story leads a proud Mohawk Indian descendant of Hiawatha back to the original roots of his ancestors.


Andalusite: The Catcher’s Story                  

MARIA RAMIREZ pairs her Andalusite earrings, a gift from her aunt, with the antique diamond and Andalusite engagement ring from Noah Lightfoot, her Creek Indian fiancé, triggering her psychic gifts as an empath and lucid dreamer. She and Noah must combine their skills to thwart a thief who resorts to brutal murder to recover his stash of stolen and smuggled Andalusite gems. Set within Tallahassee and the gem mines of Spain, Andalusite: The Catcher's Story acquaints a modern Hispanic American college student with her family’s ethnic heritage. 


Quetzalcoatl: The Keeper’s Story  

LOS OJOS DE LUNA, though blind, has “watched” the clairvoyant Trackers through astral projection for years, keeping their stories in her memory.  Now, she is the story.  The “garments of God” have been stolen from the temple of Quetzalcoatl by the fierce Jaguar people.  Only Luna can discern the creatures in their human form, but she needs the Trackers, with their specialized psychic abilities, to help her stop them from harnessing the power of the garments.  Set in the South Central American jungle, Quetzalcoatl: The Keeper's Story melds Creek Indian traditions with ancient Aztec and Olmec Indian legends.


Shifter: The Outlaw’s Story           

JOHN SILVER EYES, a psychic Outlaw who opposed the Trackers, is no longer a threat, but he left a legacy—a powerful shape shifter who seeks revenge against the team of clairvoyants.  This track brings the Team back to the beginning of the events which began with the reign of the original Outlaw.  Who is the new Outlaw, and how will the Trackers escape destruction? Set once again in Northwest Florida, Shifter: The Outlaw's Story brings the The Trackers Series full circle and unites the backgrounds and psychic abilities of all the Trackers--Mohawk, Creek, Seminole, Yavapai/Hopi, Navajo, and the newly awakened Hispanic member.