Mickey MorningGlory 



Clairvoyant trackers are a valuable resource for law enforcement agencies and the United States Government because of their unique ability to hunt down criminals and missing persons using the specially developed powers of their minds.  The media label them psychics with ESP, but they refer to themselves as being gifted with second sight.  In the beliefs of the American Indians, experts at tracking game and enemies, the seventh child of a seventh child may possess this second sight and can be trained to become a Tracker.


Several of these extraordinary people have banded together in Tallahassee, Florida, to form the Trackers Team.  They are all descendents of legendary trackers from five different Indian tribes.  Unlike traditional trackers, these Trackers journey in their minds and not on foot.  Their gifts are as diverse as their personalities.  But one of them is an outlaw; one of them is a traitor.


Even carefully controlled powers can be misused, and someone has been using the gift for personal gain...and murder.  In doing so, time--past, present, and future--is being altered.  It is up to this handful of Florida Trackers with their extrasensory gifts to find the Outlaw Tracker and set time back on its natural course.