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The Beautiful One

Posted by Mickey MorningGlory on May 1, 2018 at 2:15 PM

Hello Parents! I have great news for you. The Beautiful One has just come back from the printers, and it is gorgeous. It is the story of Pumpkin, who dreams of being chosen as the centerpiece for the King's banquet table. The other fruits and plants ridicule her because her color is pale yellow. In an act of selfless love, Field Mouse makes the ultimate sacrifice to give Pumpkin her heart's desire—a beautiful orange color. A moral lesson on bullying vs. true friendship, your children will rejoice with Pumpkin as Mother Nature restores the life of Field Mouse, and the two of them are honored by the King as his centerpiece selection. *sniff, sniff*

This is a touching story, and you can purchase the full-color book directly from me at a reduced price of $7.50 plus tax and shipping. Just message me on the Contact page with your name and address. I will email you a link for payment, autograph your book, and send it to you right away.  ~ Mickey

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