Mickey MorningGlory 




by Nancy J.

Dear Mickey MorningGlory. In your bio, you say you dreamed your books.  How, exactly, does that work? Are you psychic like your characters?

Well, Nancy. Let me explain. I am a lucid dreamer—someone who has particularly vivid dreams in which the dreamer appears and is aware of both the dream world and the waking world. All my novels have come to me as lucid dreams. When I sit at the computer and write them, I enter that dream world. I can walk with my characters, watch them interact, and hear their voices. Each character has his or her own story to tell. I just write them down. I wouldn't say that I am psychic; I would call myself intuitive. ~ Mickey

Backtrack and Mist 

by Marsha L.

Dear Ms. MorningGlory, I read Backtrack, and it blew me away. Then I read Mist, and it was just as good. How do you get your ideas? I hope the next book comes out soon. Thanks.

Thank you, Marsha. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the books. Believe it or not, Backtrack came to me in a dream many years ago, but because I was a mother of five children, I didn't think I'd have the time to devote to writing it. Fortunately, the characters in the book were very insistent, and I ended up dreaming the story over and over until I finally gave in and typed it up. I'm glad I did because, soon afterward, I dreamed Mist! Kachina should come out in 2018. Keep reading! ~ Mickey

BACKTRACK: the Scout's Story 

by ML Jackson

Hello. I am part Creek Indian, and I want to know how you know so much about the Creeks? The busks you talk about in your book are exactly like the ones a attend in my home town. You even know the language. I love your book. Mvto.

Mvdo to you, as well. I have always been drawn to Native American customs, and then I married a man who was part Creek, so all five of our children are Creek. In Calhoun County, where we lived, there was an active tribe—the Apalachicola Band of Creeks. Two of my children and I took part in the seasonal busks and also took language classes from the Principal Chief of the Muskogee Nation of  Florida, Tuskie Mahaya Haco (Dr. Andrew Boggs Ramsey). Thanks for reading! ~ Mickey

Backtrack: A Fresh and Compelling Story

 By ej_moore

     It is seldom that a fresh storyline enters the market yet Mickey MorningGlory has managed to pen one. In this, her debut novel of the Backtrack series, the reader follows a team of Native American clairvoyant "trackers," each of whom possess a unique supernatural skill which enables them to solve both crimes and personal mysteries. MorningGlory's characters jump off the page and there are more than a few unanticipated twists and turns to the story. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had chill bumps more than once during my reading of this novel.
      I also feel that the Tracker storyline would make a fresh and compelling television series, and the novel reads as such. The main character is Noah Lightfoot, a tracker who uses a form of astral projection or remote viewing to visit various locations, and the other members of the Tracker team have equally impressive and distinct clairvoyant talents. MorningGlory also weaves accurate and fascinating historical information about Creek Americans throughout the novel, and she includes an Appendix of language translations for both the Muskogee Creek and Spanish languages. Also, the novel earned the approval of Tuskie Mahaya Haco, the Principal Chief of the Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians, Apalachicola Band of Creeks.
     This novel reminds me of J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series in the aspect of weaving a unique storyline that will be enjoyed by both children and adults. I'm looking forward to all the ensuing volumes of this series, and I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy historical, supernatural, and thoroughly original fiction. Kudos to Mickey MorningGlory for writing an extremely interesting and entertaining novel.


EJ - What a wonderful review! Thank you for your kind words. ~ Mickey

Backtrack: The Scout's Story

By Robert G. Newman, Ph.D.

     The number seven has always been special in literature and history. What if you discover you are the seventh son of a seventh son? What potential wisdom, force, or power have you inherited from your ancestors? How can you learn to express yourself as a tracker? And will you serve as a force for good or succumb to the selfish lure of evil?

     A growing, crowded, exciting society can be found almost anywhere in present-day America. This author produces human characters who live, love, and compete for power and success in the pluralistic State of Florida. Power politics, big-time sports, and mystical dimensions of extra-sensory time travel capture the reader’s interest. Unexpected themes drawn from ancient value systems, from Hispanic culture, and from Native American intrigue permeate the more normal local, secular culture in Florida’s capital city and its environs. Every reader will identify with the pathos of vicious kidnapping, of fortunes made and lost, and of intimate love so close and yet so far away.

     Mickey MorningGlory writes in a crisp, sharp, and brisk tempo. Her compelling characters capture your attention and the suspense of their intricate involvements, both virtuous and vicious, will keep you glued to the page until you arrive at the surprising conclusion. And then you will quickly ask for the next installment in this well-planned series which promises to continue to draw us into the amazing adventures of these exciting trackers.

( Professor of Religion, The University of Charleston)

Robert - Your foreword is absolute perfection! Thank you. It will grace the front matter of all books in The Trackers Series. Much love to you and yours. ~ Mickey


Mist: The Bloodhound's Story - A very original and compelling story

By ej_moore

     Once again, Mickey MorningGlory has penned a solid tale, and the criminal focus of Mist is one that is both fresh and frightening.
     In Mist, much more is revealed about the parasensory Trackers introduced in her first book of the series (Backtrack: The Scout's Story) as they investigate several puzzling deaths (which, in fact, are murders). One of the methods paramount in solving the case is clairalience, a parasensory talent with which I was not familiar before I read this book. I was inspired to do a bit of Internet research on the topic, and I discovered some fascinating information. 
      As with the first book, Mist is written in present tense and this choice of style gives immediacy and urgency to the story. However, the inclusion of authentic Seminole traditions coupled with the strong family ties of the main characters lends a gentleness to the tale which tempers the fearful aspects of the story.
     I recommend reading this series in the order of publication because there are many twists and turns, and reading the books out of order will rob the reader of some delightful surprises

Hello again, EJ! I'm so glad enjoyed reading Mist. Keep watching for Kachina. It will take your down a completely different road! ~ Mickey

Mist: The Bloodhound's Story
by Amazon Customer
Mickey MorningGlory has become one of my favorite authors. Her stories carries the reader on a journey through the lives of four gifted Native American individuals. These individuals use their special abilities to time travel and help the police solve crimes, as well as, adds in a little romance. Don't try to guess the outcome of the story because the ending can change with each trip. The author engages the reader from the start of the story and keeps you engaged to the very end. Love it. Couldn't put it down.

Thank you! I'm glad you like that little bit of romance. So do I! ~ Mickey